The Berkman Klein Center Assembly Fellowship provides an intensive non-residential four-month fellowship for technologists, managers, policymakers, and other professionals. The program includes team-building, ideation, discussion and seminars, and a project development period. This structure allows participants to step back from day-to-day goals and to explore novel solutions to deep problems. The Assembly Fellowship was co-developed with the MIT Media Lab; this year, it’s hosted by the Berkman Klein Center.

Launched in 2017 as simply Assembly, the program was designed to encourage interdisciplinary learning, collaboration across sectors, and the conversion of ideas into tools and actionable policies.

2019–2020 Assembly Fellows will confront problems related to disinformation by creating collaborative provocations or prototypes that offer tangible ways to better understand, counter, and draw attention to disinformation campaigns. Previous Fellows have described the experience of structured, yet experimental, collaborative learning as “life-changing.” Their participation allowed them to approach their work with new perspectives, or as one participant shared “I never could’ve made so much progress so quickly without Assembly,” and spurred new initiatives within their organisations.

Are you a professional with disinformation expertise? Learn more and apply for the Assembly Fellowship here. Applications are open from August 14th to September 15th, 2019. More information about the fellowship is available here and here.