The Global Forum for Media Development is the largest global community for media development, media freedom, and journalism support. Through collaboration, coordination, and collective action our network of 199 member organisations — as well as our dozens of partners — creates, promotes, and delivers policies and programmes to sustain journalism as a public good. Learn more about the GFMD community here.

The Secretariat of the Global Forum for Media Development carries out activities as agreed by the GFMD Steering Committee and General Assembly. Learn more about our team here.

GFMD General Assembly in Tirana, 2021

GFMD World Forum in Tirana, 2021

The Global Forum for Media Development is funded by our members and through core and programmatic funding from public and private donors. Learn more about GFMD donors and partners here.


Our mission is to strengthen and support media ecosystems, empowering journalists, media professionals, and civil society organisations to drive innovation and promote pluralism. We strive to create an enabling environment where free, independent, and responsible media can thrive.


We envisage a world in which democracy, human rights, and sustainable development benefit from a pluralistic and informed public sphere underpinned by free, independent, and viable public-interest media and journalism.

We are adamant that a well-functioning independent media sector is critical to healthy democracies, human rights, and sustainable development. We believe that independent media and professional journalism are a public good and a pillar of development in their own right, and contribute to just, peaceful, and inclusive societies.


  • 2005: GFMD was established during the World Forum in Amman, Jordan on 1 October
  • 2007: Bettina Peters appointed as Executive Director
  • 2008: World Forum held in Athens, Greece
  • 2012: World Forum held in Grahamstown, South Africa
  • 2013: Joins EU Policy Forum for Development; Launched the SDG global advocacy campaign
  • 2015: Successfully lobbied for the inclusion of access to information and respect of fundamental freedoms within the SDGs
  • 2016: Ayman Mhanna appointed as Executive Director; World Forum held in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 2017: Mira Milosevic appointed as Executive Director
  • 2018: Granted Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC
  • 2020: Launched an emergency joint appeal for journalism and media support with 180 organisations in response to COVID-19
  • 2021: Launch of the International Media Policy and Advisory Centre (GFMD IMPACT); World Forum held in Tirana, Albania.
  • 2022: Granted observer status at UNESCO; launch of the Perugia Declaration for Ukraine.
  • 2023: Launch of the Tech and Journalism Crisis and Emergency Mechanism (T&JM)
  • 2024: The OECD Development Assistance Committee’s Network on Governance adopts Development Cooperation Principles on Relevant and Effective Support to Media and the Information Environment, the culmination of over two years of consultations and advocacy by GFMD and the Centre for International Media Assistance (CIMA) in partnership with bilateral donor agencies, implementing organisations, civil society representatives, and media development experts.


GFMD has a unique, neutral, and trusted position, which allows it to bring together all the major actors in media development, local and regional media assistance groups, and the representatives of nascent media sectors to reach a common understanding of needs and priorities.

We develop policies to sustain journalism

  • Through collaboration, coordination, and collective action our network creates, promotes, and delivers policies and programmes to sustain journalism as a public good.
  • We advocate to policymakers for policies that enable journalism to survive and thrive.
  • We advocate to tech companies/advertisers to create a digital ecosystem that secures a future for journalism.
  • We collaborate with members to improve their policy and advocacy skills.

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“We’re grateful to GFMD for its efficient coordination and information-sharing efforts because that is what we need right now – uniting donors for coordinated support and spreading information about these opportunities to a wider media community.”  – Sergiy Tomilenko, President of the National Union of Journalists in Ukraine (NUJU)

We share knowledge and best practices on how to fund media development and journalism effectively

Our International Media Policy and Advisory Centre – GFMD IMPACT:

  • Convenes all media support actors for open, honest and constructive dialogue on what works, what doesn’t work and why.
  • Responds to Help Desk requests from donors and others by commissioning research, conducting surveys, and producing policy papers.
  • Plays coordination and information-sharing role in emergencies and crises.
  • Act as the institutional memory of the sector by curating and sharing knowledge produced by our members and partners.
  • Encourages the evaluation of media development work as a way to identify and advance best practices, methods and technologies.

For more information visit the GFMD IMPACT page

“Being a member of this network gives us a major opportunity to meet and exchange with colleagues, better coordinate our activities, and develop new partnerships.” – Caroline Vuillemin, Directrice Générale, Fondation Hirondelle.

We support our members and partners by:

  • Curating an up-to-date, searchable list of funding opportunities worldwide.
  • Profiling and mapping donors and funders.
  • Providing fundraising guidance through multilingual resources, events, and mentoring.
  • Updating a glossary of terminology related to media development and journalism funding.
  • Advocating with our members for donors and funders to increase funding for journalism support and media development.
  • Effective media assistance depends on long-term, flexible, needs-based funding that is responsive to growing evidence.

Find out more about MediaDev Fundraising Guide

“GFMD is a great network which allows you to connect not only the media development [but also] with regional and international organisations that share the same interests with you. They supported us to connect with some of the international NGOs that we found really challenging to connect with.” – Maryan Seylac, Executive Director of the Somali Media Women Association.



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