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25 years of media investing

Author: Andreja | 7. July 2021

Throughout 2021 MDIF is celebrating their 25th anniversary – a quarter of a century since it provided its first loan to Slovakia’s SME to help it survive the rule of autocratic prime minister Vladimír Mečiar.

Over 25 years, MDIF (or rather, MDLF as it was at the time – switched ‘Loan’ for ‘Investment’ in 2013) has changed significantly, as have the media companies they work with. They have decided to capture some of the most important things they have learned in a way that seeks inspiration from the past but has real relevance to the present.

They will be sharing 25 pieces of content on the theme, ‘25 things we’ve learned’. They will include practical insights from team members about helping media develop robust businesses, like the critical questions all media entrepreneurs should ask themselves when launching a startup, as well as lessons relating to how we carry out our work, like the pros and cons of using a fund structure and the importance of mission alignment with investors.

25 pieces of stimulating content from across MDIF will be a fitting tribute to 25 years of investing in independent media.

Read more on these pieces here.


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