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  • ICFJ Survey on the State of Technology in Global Newsrooms

    How are journalists adapting to the digital technology and changes that are taking place in their newsrooms? Are journalists keeping pace with the digital revolution?
  • Letter from IFEX and GFMD to the UNESCO Executive Board

    A letter to the UNESCO Executive Board on the election of the new Director-General of UNESCO, urging them to elect an individual who unequivocally stands for the rights of freedom of opinion and expression, and is ready to put words into action when this fundamental right is under attack.

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  • Elizabeth R Media Fund: Commonwealth Digital Challenge

    The Elizabeth R Media Fund is launching a new competition aimed at providing young and aspiring media managers from the Commonwealth with the skills and tools necessary to help their organisations face the digital challenges in their countries.
  • Kate Webb Prize for Asian Journalists

    Agence France-Presse launched the 2017 Kate Webb Prize to recognise exceptional Asian journalists doing difficult and dangerous work across the region.

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