World Conference 2008


The motto of the GFMD 2008 World Conference—‘Quality Information for All’— indicates that in today’s linked-up world, where the process of globalisation affects us all, people need reliable, relevant and timely information to give meaning to their democratic lives. ‘Quality information for All” is not just essential to democracy; it is the lifeblood of any process that will give meaning to genuine respect of human rights and human development.

The Global Forum for Media Development will bring together directors of media development organisations, leaders of international institutions, media experts, media executives, donors and key representatives from national governments from around the world to agree strategies for future media development programmes and to highlight the crucial role media plays in promoting good governance and sustainable human development.

The GFMD 2008 will not be the usual conference. It is an initiative by media development practitioners for the media development community. We will have open discussion about issues such as: what are our priorities for support, what types of media development activities are currently missing, how do we come to grips with the ever-changing technology, how we can measure impact of our work, how can we get better at getting our message across?

Many of you have made proposal for workshops and send us ideas for the networking sessions.

Here is the current version of the programme:

The Forum offers the chance to meet and engage with more than 500 representatives of media development groups, journalists and media experts who work at global, regional and national level. About 100 countries will be represented, ranging from the United States to Uganda.

Over three days, there will be about five full plenary sessions, nine symposia and 35 workshop sessions. Key issues facing media around the globe in developing new markets and audiences, understanding new trends and facing new challenges will be addressed by the conference with a range of high-level speakers.


Monday, 8th December 2008

08. Dec 9-10.30 Media Development Trends: Warren Feek CI Canada ,English
08. Dec 9-10.30 Community Radio in Latin America: Maria Pia Matta, Nestor Busso AMARC-ALC, ALER Latin America ,Spanish
08. Dec 9-10.30 Funding Independent Media: Sasa Vucinic MDLF Singapore English
08. Dec 9-10.30 Fundraising Strategies: Manana Aslamazyan Internews Europe France Russian
08. Dec 9-10.30 Monitoring + Evaluation: Gerry Power BBC WST UK English/French
08. Dec 9-10.30 Freelancers - why should we care? : Nadine Jurrat Rory Peck Trust UK English
08. Dec 9-10.30 Media Landscapes in Conflict : Sheldon Himmelfarb Center Media, Conflict, Peace US English/Arabic
08. Dec 9-10.30 More Media for Minorities: Sandy New American Media US English/Spanish

08. Dec 16.30 - 18.30 Protecting Journalists reporting crime: Drew Sullivan Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project Bosnia/Herzegovina English
08. Dec 16.30 - 18.30 Communication and Gender: Maria Pia Matta AMARC Latin America Spanish
08. Dec 16.30 - 18.30 Improving Election Coverage: Wesley Gibbings ACM Carribean English
08. Dec 16.30 - 18.30 Partnership between intern. Media and local organisations: Marie-S. Frère, Donat M’Baya IPP, JED Fance, DRC French
08. Dec 16.30 - 18.30 Desasters and Emergencies: Role of Communication: Imogen Wall, Mark Harvey BBC WST and Internews UK, US English
08. Dec 16.30-18.30 Monitoring + Evaluation: Sofie Jannush, Remzi Lani CAMECO, SEEPNM Germany, Albania English

8thDec./ 9:00 BBCWST
8thDec / 16:30 CAMECO,SEEPNM
8thDec / 16:30 CIN

Tuesday, 9th December 2008

09. Dec 14.30-16 Skills: New Tech for Media NGOs: Amy Webb Webb media consulting US English/Spanish
09. Dec 14.30-16 Strategic Framework Media and Conflict Sheldon Himmelfarb Center Media, Conflict, Peacebuilding US English/Arabic
09. Dec 14.30-16 Media Regulation: What future?: Patrick Leusch Deutsche Welle Germany French
09. Dec 14.30-16 Monitoring Attacks on Journalists: Carlos Cortes Castillo FLIP Colombia Spanish
09. Dec 14.30-16 Assessing Media Landscapes : G. Henderson OSI UK English
09. Dec 14.30-16 Close Media Systems/ Burma : Roby Alampay SEAPA/ Press Now Thailand/NL English
09. Dec 14.30-16 Donor Support/CIMA Report: Marguerite Sullivan CIMA US English
09. Dec 14.30-16 Covering Climate Change: Mark Harvey Internews Europe UK English
09. Dec 14.30-16 Getting around internet censorhsip: Eric Johnson Internews International France Russian/English
09. Dec 14.30-16 Media diversity : Milica Pesic MDI UK English
09. Dec 14.30-16 Right to communication and poverty: The MDGs Nestor Busso ALER Latin America Spanish
09. Dec 14.30-16 Collaborative Approaches to Media and Conflict: Jesper Hojberg IMS Denmark English

9thDec / 14:30 ALER
9thDec / 14:30 Internews Europe
9thDec/ 14:30 SEAPA Press Now
9thDec / 14:30 Internews International

Wednesday, 10th December 2008

10. Dec 9-10.30 Skills: New Tech for Media NGOs: Amy Webb Webb media consulting US English
10. Dec 9-10.30 Side Meeting: Eric Johnson Internews Internationaal International English
10. Dec 9-10.30 Side Meeting: Marianne Peters EJTA Europe English
10. Dec 9-10.30 Media and Children’s rights: Veet Vivarta ANDI Brazil Spanish
10. Dec 9-10.30 China in Media Development: Ying Chan, Fackson Banda Shantou University, Rhodes University China/south Africa English
10. Dec 9-10.30 Independent Journalism and Media Offer: Caroline Vuillemin Foundation Hirondelle France French/English
10. Dec 9-10.30 Impact of Radio in Africa: Armorer Wason Panos UK English
10. Dec 9-10.30 Savety in quality News coverage: Rodney Pinder INSI Belgium/UK English
10. Dec 9-10.30 Women Journalists - Building Bridges: Nadezda Azhgikhina JUR Russia English/Russian
10. Dec 9-10.30 Community Radio in Bolivia: Eduardo Avila Voces Bolivanias Boliva Spanish
10. Dec 9-10.30 Fundraising Strategies: David Hoffman Internews Network US English/Arabic
10. Dec 9-10.30 New framework of doing journalism: Walter Dean Committee of Concerned Journalists US English

10thDec/9:00 CCJ

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GFMD-WorkshopProposal: USIP Strategic Framework

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