• Paul Collier to Make Keynote Speech at GFMD World Conference

    22 October 2008

    Paul Collier, Professor of Economics at Oxford University and author the best-selling book “The Bottom Billion” will open the debate at the GFMD World Conference in Athens on December 7th. With his keynote speech: “Is Media Development Making a Difference to the Bottom Billion” Collier will set the scene for four days of challenging debate and open discussion among media development groups from over 120 countries.

  • GFMD brochure Makes Case for Media Development

    19 October 2008

    The GFMD has published a new brochure  highlighting the importance of free, independent and pluralistic media to creating and strengthening democratic society and human development. The brochure makes the case for media development NGOs to organise themselves around their common goal of increasing recognition and support for media development.

  • Putting Media at the Heart of Development Strategies

    11 October 2008

    Media support groups from across Africa have added their voice to global calls for action to put media at the heart of international development planning. At a meeting in Grahamstown, South Africa, on September 7-8, the Africa Forum for Regional Development was launched and the participants – representing media support groups and NGOs from sub-Saharan regions – issued an an open letter addressed to the Africa Union, the European Union and the OECD calling for better recognition of media development as an integral part of development strategies.